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thank you for watching good day, our newest fan. >> they don't work here. just one of the hundreds of thousands of people who had a baby yesterday. >> bret: just wasn't too impressed. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it fair, balanced, and unafraid. >> shepard: no water, no power, five-hour waits for gasoline. survivors of the quake and tsunami here in japan face enormous challenges. as the government asks for help to prevent a full nuclear meltdown. i'm shepard smith live in tokyo. the news starts now. explosions have already rocked the reactors and if the containment systems fail, clouds of nuclear radiation could sweep into the sky. tonight, we'll show you how crews have been trying to keep things cool to prevent another
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disaster. and why it may already be too late. plus, some members of the u.s. military exposed to radiation as they try to help disaster survivors. and now the u.s. navy getting its ship out of the danger zone. good tuesday morning from tokyo, japan. 8:00 a.m. here in a metropolis of 13 million people in a. [no audio] >> jon: i'm jon scott in new york. we have temporarily lost our connection with shepard smith. shepard? >> shepard: infrastructure largely intact. and back here in tokyo, a city of 13 million people now dealing with the possibility of nuclear cataclysm. right now warnings of rolling blackouts that officials at tokyo electric power company or at the
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tepko warned they might have to lose to conservative energy. in the hardest hit areas north this was the scene when the tsunami crashed through last week, carrying everything in its path away. in some places the landscape has swept clean of life, entire communities are gone. and parents are telling children stories of children ripped from their arms. a japanese news agency reports 2,000 people have washed ashore in one province alone. it's impossible to know how many others were simply carried out to sea. one woman walked through a devastated town unable to find her own family home. her elderly mother disappeared in the flood and still missing. right now people like her can't get a break from the heartache and fear. safety officials are trying to prevent a full nuclear meltdown at a power plant. it's happening at the fukushima
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plant about 170 miles north and east of our location here in tokyo. workers are having trouble with several reactors there. these are the reactors in question. before the disaster. on saturday a hydrogen explosion blew the roof off and wall containment building unit number 1. that triggered the evacuation of some 185,000 people. on monday, another explosion hit their unit 3. as workers tried to cool the reactor core with sea water. but the real problem now is in unit number 2. officials say water levels there have dropped not once but twice leaving the uranium fuel rods out in the open. >> the water level did start to fall and the fuel rods were exposed above the water. >> shepard: and without water covering it, the uranium can heat to temperatures of 5,000 degrees fahrenheit. the fear is that the uranium could then burn right through the containment chamber and
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burst into the atmosphere. late on monday, yesterday here, the chief government spokesman said it's highly likely that the fuel rods in three reactors have already started to melt. a partial meltdown by some definition. by any measure, a catastrophe in the making. we're monitoring developments at that plant and across this nation with team fox coverage of the disaster's aftermath our mike emanuel on the u.s. military response. first, up the coast line here to adam housley streaming live from a town about 70 miles north and east of our location here in tokyo. adam, the japanese government is apparently asking for help with its nuclear plant problems. >> that's right, shepard. here in nakamonato the fukushima plant, the first couple days we were here the japanese insistent they had this under control. as the situation has gradually gotten worse they have asked for help from the u.s. as well as
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the iaea. both said they were on board to help. in fact, we spoke with a scientist yesterday who has been here and actually speaking when the earthquake actually hit and been in touch with the japanese along with several of his colleagues to help them out or offer suggestions to get them help with the situation. basically to bounce ideas off of them of how to deal with the situation. the u.s. says they are getting more hands on now, shepard, than they have more as will the iaea after being asked by the japanese. saying listen this situation is getting out of our hands. we need all the help we can get. >> shepard: they are very calm about the situation here, adam, in the capitol of tokyo, many concerns about nuclear fallout there. what are you able to learn, if anything? >> yeah. it really begins about 30 miles or so to the north of where we are located, shepard. that's where some censors have been determining that you are getting about 1/10th x-ray.
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1/10th the power of an x-ray. it's not just one shot. it's consistent. 30 miles or so to the north of us. that's where they are worried about the fallout possibly getting to. down where we are located as a precaution, people are wearing masks just in case the wind was to shift it may shift later on this evening. what the masks -- those white masks those people where, what they do is keep the particles from getting into your system. that's the worry in this area. but really the real concern is in the significant area right around these two reactors where these problems are taking place. you are talking about a 30-mile area where they already tried to evacuate everybody out. hundreds of thousands in that area is where the real worry or fall-out can be, shepard. >> shepard: there is breaking news now on fox news channel and this just in to us here at fox news in tokyo. we have just gotten word from folks on the scene that there has just been an explosion heard at that unit number two. that's one of the three units about which they had so much concern.
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as we have been reporting, the temperatures were rising. they were trying to put sea water into this particular reactor. the problem was they are supposed to have a backup generator that allows water to go into this thing, even if the power goes down, the backup generator would allow for the water to go over the nuclear fuel rods and prevent any sort of explosion. as we have been reporting, instead, they put sea water into that reactor. the sea water, they were hoping, would cool it down. now it just passed 8:00 in the morning, about 10 minutes after 8:00. there has just been word from the site that witnesses have heard an explosion at unit number two. now, what does this mean? well, for some context, if an explosion happened, that could send radioactive material into the air. gases which were trapped inside there. they were trying to cool it down. those gases could then have been released. it's a very windy morning in that part of the country as i mentioned. some 190 miles almost exactly to the north and east of us. exactly what this explosion is, we can't yet tell you.
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as you probably know, they have evacuated an area at least 75-kilometers around from there. earlier they were telling us they had every reason to believe. [no audio] >> jon: once again, difficult link with shepard smith coming from tokyo. he is back. >> shepard: and i apologize for the break-up in the signal. as i mentioned, it's a windy morning and we are working off a small satellite dish here in tokyo. i can tell you that the concern was that they wouldn't be able to contain the pressure and that they wouldn't be able to contain the heat around those nuclear fuel rods. all we know is witnesses on that scene at reactor number two say they have witnessed an explosion of some kind. they have heard an explosion of some kind want adam housley about 70 miles closer than i am at the moment. there is no one close enough, journalists or otherwise, as far as i know, to be able to report exactly what that explosion was because they have cleared out the area. but any sign of an explosion
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near that reactor number two, if the reports are accurate and they have come over associated press wires, if they are accurate, that could be very bad news, indeed. >> absolutely. the japanese have said in previous explosions, shepard, because there have been a number of others over the course of recent days. they say it's been a good thing in some ways because it relieved the pressure. other nuclear scientists from other countries have suggested it isn't such a positive thing and it could potentially lead to a full melt june. as you mentioned, there is no media in that area. they have all pulled back there are a couple cities near there we have stayed in touch with. yesterday there was an explosion up there. they said they actually felt that explosion, shepard. curious to see what reports come out today did. they feel it today? it may have set off a tsunami warning yesterday when that explosion happened. we were down here when the tsunami warnings went off. we are curious to see what is happening there. the u.s. military also watching this extremely closely because
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we have a significant number of elements in this area. the nuclear scientists that are involved with the military are also helping out, shepard, they are doing fly-overs, all sorts of scientific studies of their owns a everybody watches what happens at these locations to our north. >> shepard: adam, just for a little bit of clarity here, i reported earlier that witnesses said they heard an explosion there now we are getting this report from the japanese nuclear safety agency which is making it official now that witnesses have confirmed an explosion at unit number 2. we don't know exactly where. we don't know exactly what this means, but we fully expect within the moments ahead that we'll get more details from this. i can report that we had about a 4.1 tremor here in tokyo a few hours ago. you're always kind of leary of such things because the after shocks continue to come. 4.1 certainly one that you noticed. i don't think it woke up people around tokyo because they're frankly pretty chill about these things as they happen here and have been happening in the last
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few days quite often. the bigger concern across the nation until we get more details on this new explosion are the fuel, food, and water shortages. the reports in tokyo indicate, adam, that hundreds of thousands of people are in shelters, that they are having a very difficult time getting food and water, and that there is almost no fuel to be had. >> that's absolutely right. we are on the edge of the disaster zone, where we are located. the assume that came through here was about 9 feet high and it took out a significant area. as you travel through these cities and towns disaster zone 70 and will omiles. you are minding stores if they're open they are empty. as soon as hot food is put out they are gathering what they can get. go to gas stations, almost you l of them is closed. if you see a gas station open the line is massive. hours long. and many times people get all the way to the front and there will be no gas left. electricity is intermittently, communications are intermitt test. the problem you have up here, shepard, it gets very cold.
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winds blowing. in the night it will drop down to the 20's. without electricity, as you move closer to that epicenter where there has been really no electricity since the earthquake and tsunami, that's where the concern really is. you can't get food in there. the infrastructure in a lot of these areas is gone. a road just up the street from us, i took a picture of it yesterday is buckled. it's hard to even explain how this road looks. cracks and buckled as if somebody took a sheet and shook it out. that's the situation, shepard in much of this northern part. that's a concern because as that situation continues, as that area spreads of evacuation, 35, 40 miles now to the outskirts of that area, you can't get in there to get these people food and supplies and the u.s. military, of course, can't get in there as well, shepard, because of the threat of the nuclear contamination. >> shepard: adam, the japanese government has just confirmed what we have been reporting from the nuclear regulatory agency here, and that is that there has, indeed, been an explosion at unit number 2 at the nuclear facility about which there has been so much concern.
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we are now able to use our partners here in japan nhk's world service which is translating to english for us now. let's listen to these brand new reports of an explosion at the nuclear facility number 2. listen. >> there was about 3 atmospheric pressure, now it goes down to 1, meaning that there could have been some cracks formed somewhere in the vessel or in the pool, meaning that water containing radiation could have leaked out. in and around compound 9965.5 micro -- of radiation was. in compared to the normal level that is 10,000 times higher. so, indicating that this explosion might have caused some release of radioactive waste to the outside. this is where the pressure suppression room is located.
7:14 pm
this container vessel is the last line of defense to prevent the radioactive waste from being release to the outside. and i think that explosion occurred somewhere at around pressure suppression room. suppression pool is one of the cooling systems for the reactor. water is contaminated radioactive substances. so if any crack is formed around this portion, that means that the radioactive substances will be released outside. that is why very high level of radiation was observed outside. that's why the operators have been evacuated. it seems like a very serious situation is going on because container vessel is the last line of defense to prevent radioactive waste from being released. and if there is any damage done
7:15 pm
to the container vessel, that means a very serious situation. so, unless the problem is contained, this problem may spread and may become worse. so, the release of contaminated water to the outside is a very unusual situation. this could be the worst case scenario for the nuclear power plants in japan. the number one reactor experienced the hydrogen explosion. well, in that case the outer building exploded and the company said that there is no damage done to the container vessel itself. but this time they are saying that there is a possibility that the damage was done to the container vessel. >> shepard: okay. what we are listening to here this is nhk world service. this is a japanese network. you see this beaker looking
7:16 pm
thing that they are showing. that is outer containment wall that is supposed to be the last line of defense. in new york so you know i have that mick minus problem going again. if that has, in fact, exploded, that would be a worse case scenario as you heard of the commentator saying there. sigh runs are going off in what is the center of tokyo. those sirens are indication of early warning sign of a trembler here. it's our belief that these sirens are part of the early warning system for an earthquake happening here. they have been going off for the better part of the last minute and a half. we don't believe that they have anything to do with these reports coming out oof the north. i can tell you that this explosion is something that all have feared and all had hoped would not happen. it was their belief that they might be able to keep enough water around that containment dome so that they would not find that it would explode there, but
7:17 pm
as it turns out an explosion has been heard, the latest reports we have gotten from authorities here in japan indicate to us that the explosion did happen at that nuclear site number two, reactor number 2. it's the one about which they have had so much concern throughout the early morning here. as i mentioned it's some 20 minutes or so past the hour of 8:00 in the morning. it was a very quiet night across tokyo and surrounding areas. they had asked people to conservative electricity and water. at the hotel where we are staying at the moment, at least, the upper floors had been shut down. they turned the electricity off in those parts. the bridge behind me, the rainbow bridge, which is normally lit up in all the colors of a rainbow was taken down. the central tokyo, about which you have heard so much over the years, sort of tokyo's times square was dark in the overnight hours until just a few hours ago. more than anything, is a sort of indication to people that it's time to conservative because the truth is they wanted to get people in the idea of realizing they can't use as much electricity as they have in the
7:18 pm
past. because there is already the warning that rolling blackouts are going to happen across the nation. we are having some communication problems here. as we work to find out two things. one, about the siren going on in downtown tokyo and, two, about the explosion at reactor number two, i'm going to toss back to jon scott in new york and we will be right back here live to tokyo. >> jon: shepard smith reporting live from tokyo. again, the most ominous news of the hour just within the last few minutes that reported explosion at the number 2 reactor vessel at japan's stricken nuclear plant. we will continue to cover the situation there from new york as well as from tokyo. back in just a moment.
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>> shepard: shepard smith reporting again from tokyo early this tuesday morning where we
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have two situations unfolding. the japanese government has now confirmed of a second explosion or an explosion at reactor number 2 in the fukushima plant just about 180, 190 miles north and east of our location here in tokyo. in addition, sirens were blaring here a short time ago, which we believed to be part of the warning system for earthquakes here in the area. i mentioned a few hours ago there was a 4.1 on the scale. it did no damage. i don't think it even awakened people here in central tokyo in the early morning hours. certainly the sirens go off from time to time. and another one has gone off now. the situation to the north and east with this explosion reported by the japanese government we don't yet know. we're waiting for further information from the government. and the moment we get it we will take you there. in the meantime i want to go to mike emanuel who is covering the u.s. rescue efforts on the part of the united states to help the japanese people. mike to you. >> shep, u.s. officials told us
7:23 pm
today that american nuclear facilities are built to withstand earthquakes and tsunamis but would not say if they could handle a 9.0 quake. as you mentioned american authorities are working to get relief to the japanese. they are also sending some nuclear experts there to help out, here at the white house today they say are lessons learned incident. >> as we get more information from japan and what happened there that can be incorporated, but right now, you know, we are remain committed to the clean energy standard and the aspects of the president's cleaning energy plan. >> the united states nuclear energy has suffered setbacks in the past. it was coming off a quiet 30 years or so since the 3-mile island accident in 1979. some suggest it would be wise to be cautious now. >> it calls on us here in the u.s. naturally not to stop building nuclear power plants but to put the brakes on right
7:24 pm
now until we understand the ramifications of what's happened in rn -- japan. >> america's leading diversity. the u.s. should not overreact. >> it remains my view that we ought not to make a long term decision about any american energy policy in the wake of environmental catastrophe in another part of the world now far senator mcconnell and others in washington are focused on supporting the japanese in any way possible. shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel live at the white house for us. mike, thanks very much. new information coming in about the government reports of an explosion as reactor number 2, as, at one of the three nuclear power plants which was of grave concern this early morning on tuesday in tokyo. let's go to the north now and our correspondent adam housley.
7:25 pm
>> we are having the same sort of technical issues you are having. the winds picked up. we have heard of the potential of the radiation release. the suppression pool that you spoke about moments ago and that news just come in. the government has been worried about for a number of days at more than just a location where the explosion took place today. that is definitely a significant development as we know, as we have been reporting. they have been pumping sea water in to try and help as a desperate measure to keep things under control there and we do know that the iaea has been asked today to get involved as the japanese government asking him officially the iaea has said no problem, we are going to step. in we are going to definitely help out. the u.s. get involved. yesterday they too have a agreed to help out o. but there have been -- or they have already been getting help from the united states as well. there are a number of scientists
7:26 pm
that we have spoken to that we read about as well that were already here in japan for conference speaking and when this happened when the earthquake happened, they were already on the phone offering any help or assistance. this situation something very, very serious as we all know. it also effects the relief effort in this region. the relief effort in this region is so significant because there is still a lot of people that have not evacuated those areas that are supposed to have been evacuated in the 35-mile radius around. shepard, one more note and get it back to you. can i say that the last two days the u.s. military's presence here and it has some significant meetings about what's going on, shepard, of course, to keep our men and women safe. >> shepard: adam housley live just up the coast here in japan. we're continuing to monitor, that mix minus problem has so you know in new york. this is tape i'm showing you now. there has been, according to the japanese government, another explosion. this one at unit number 2, reactor number 2. up the coast. they don't know exactly what it is.
7:27 pm
we were looking at pictures from nhk just a short time ago. nhk is our news partner here in the united states. that fixed the mix minus problem. thank you. this new problem appears to be on the outside of the containment dome. this was the last line of defense to listen to government. now they are giving us an update on this on nhk. let's listen. >> this pressure separation room there was a big sound this morning. according to meteorological agency around fukushima number one nuclear power plant a north wind is blowing right now. around the fukushima number one nuclear power plant. the meteorological data is not coming in.
7:28 pm
-- the earthquake. that is 50-kilometers south at 8:00 this morning. the 4.4-meter of northeast wind was observed. north-northeast wind has been observed near the power plant. this morning, according to meteorological agency, north wind is expected to blow. a big blast was heard. >> shepard: the government reports there has been another explosion. a big blast was heard. listen now. >> to the container vessel. we are continuing the injection operation to the pressure vessels. but the operators who are not directly engaged in this operation are order being
7:29 pm
ordered to be evacuated to the safer locations. so they started evacuating. >> shepard: for authorities to the north of us around the fukushima nuclear plant. numbers one and number three were already thought by many to observers to have begun something akin to melting down. unit number 2 was being watched and watched carefully throughout the overnight hours and now in the early morning hours of tuesday at number two. and then first the regulatory agency, the nuclear regulatory agency reported that there had been an explosion heard there. then the japanese government confirmed an explosion there and now the japanese official news agency is confirming that we have had pictures sent from the town of sendai wiped out by the tsunami itself. no pictures up close to this reactor number 2 at the
7:30 pm
fukushima plant. the fear was that that outer core and you see the pictures that they are showing on your screen now. this outer core that looks like a beaker that you might have used in high school, that outer core was said to have been what would contain the nuclear fallout. if that were preached, as they mentioned here a moment ago, if it were to have cracked, that would be, according to the commentators on nhk and to some scientists here a worse case scenario. whether that has actually been breached remains to be seen. listen in to the explanation one more time. >> the vessel is the last protection against radiation from leaking out. but now we understand that that is not functioning. now the water here is contaminated with radioactive substances. if this water leaks out it means that radiation will be leaked out into the atmosphere or the outside environment. and we hear that there was a certain increase in the radioactive readings.
7:31 pm
and we might expect that the radiation level in the vicinity could go up. and, also, if it -- if air is leaked out, this may spread with the wind. however, the nuclear international safety agency says that the level is not as high to cause immediate damage to human health. but if the containment vessel has been damaged, there may be very serious situation happen after this. once again, it seems that we will have a news conference shortly. >> shepard: that's the nhk world service trying to explain in a very delicate way in which they have kept people here informed across japan that apparently there has been another incident.
7:32 pm
this time the appearance of some sort of explosion at reactor number two. you saw what they were discussing there. there is water that's been pumped into that thing. that water to cool it off. then the water would be contained. if there is a crack or explosion in that containment dome, then the water would escape or the vapors from that water, then the radioactive material would be released into the air. with mor. thevening guests arrive. back to sore knees. back to more pills. the day is done but hang on... her doctor recommended aleve. just 2 pills can keep arthritis pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is lara who chose 2 aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels.
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7:36 pm
getting reports from the japanese government of an explosion at nuclear reactor site number 2 at the newcomerstown sheep nuclear fukushima plant. the cooling system which kept those reactors from exploding or from overheating, at least, the cooling system from the water had broken down in the aftermath of the tsunami and the earthquake. as a result, they began pumping sea water in there the sea water, it seemed, according to initial reports was keeping it cool enough. and then just about 20 minutes ago, we received reports from the japanese nuclear agency of reports of an explosion there at that site. moments later, the japanese government confirmed and moments after that the news agency was reporting the japanese government. now we're getting word that, in fact, some of the employees there at fukushima according to
7:37 pm
tepko, the japanese power company, many more employees have been evacuated there and the evacuation zone may be expanded in the minutes to come so what has happened with this explosion? we can't tell you. everyone has been evacuated from that area cameras which had been set up there is no longer accessible. the one of the concerns here in the capitol of tokyo. residents were hearing there is no reason to be concerned, there is no reason to be concerned. there is no note of definitive reports what was going on inside those nuclear plants. will continue even though the navy had to move ships away from the coast this early tuesday morning. that's after 17 crew members on the uss ronald reagan tested positive for radiation exposure. officials say it was low level radiation. and they cleaned it all up with soap and water. president obama says he remains
7:38 pm
heart broken by the images coming out of japan which he calls one of our closest friends and allies. >> the united states will continue to offer any assistance we can as japan recovers from multiple disasters. and we will stand with the people of japan in the difficult days ahead. >> shepard: and the pentagon tweeting today and i quote: despite precautionary repositioning of ships, we remain committed to the mission to help japan. to let's get to team fox coverage now. first to james rosen live at the state department. james, i want to hear more from you about that relief mission as we work to get more information about reports of an explosion at the nuclear facility. james, to you. >> shep, the u.s. government has been at this from the very beginning. the united states agency for international development uasaid had a team ready to go within an hour of the earthquake. over the military side crew members on board uss blue ridge
7:39 pm
spent the weekend packing humanitarian supplies. in all, eight u.s. ships, including the aircraft carrier uss ronald reagan are responding to requests for help from japanese officials and so are technicians from a variety of u.s. agencies. >> we have dispatched to two technical experts to japan and are continuing to assemble a team of experts that would be dispatched in the near future. in particular, they have asked for additional types of equipment that will help provide water and other resources to ensure that the reactors continue to be cooled. >> we also have dispatched subject matter experts both reactor experts and an expert on emergency response. we are in consultation with them. and we will make sure that any requirement that they have, we are prepared to meet. >> an urban search and rescue team from fairfax county, virginia, and another from los angeles are already on site in
7:40 pm
japan. they are using emergency medical skills, engineering degrees and a water search capability to help their colleagues in tokyo. >> they have asked for some help with search and rescue and with the range of other technical functions. so, we have today 144 search and rescue officers that are out there doing work, trying to save lives and help communities recover. >> now, more than 90 countries, the world over u have offered assistance. dra great britain sent five dozen search and rescue specialists. south korea is sending a rescue team of 100 members. nine international organizations have also helped of one kind or another including the world bank. >> in terms of the world economic effects i think it's too early to tell. you see different stories about the recovery will obviously create some boost in demand. but i think right now everybody's focus is on trying to, you know, help the people in the and the pictures just leave everyone with a sense that you want to try to reach out and be of support.
7:41 pm
>> so far u.s.a. id has spent almost $750,000 on the japanese relief effort. shep. >> shepard: james rosen live at the state department. james, thanks very much. we have just gotten two breaking news bulletins in to us here. one, a report of a radiation leak or higher radiation levels in the town of eberoki which is a town to the south of the fukushima plant. down to the south from where those nuclear power plants are located. in addition, radiation levels said to be higher there and the second report that we're getting is coming from the fukushima plant number two. the one that we have been mentioning that the government is now reporting there may have been an explosion. in fact, the government is reporting an explosion was witnessed at that reactor number two. we're now getting a report from the japanese government that they believe radiation may now be leaking from the outside of that core. remember the beaker we were
7:42 pm
showing you a while ago. that containment core. that was the last line of defense. they said if there is a crack there or explosion of any kind, that would release this water, which has radioactive material in it. because it is so hot, vapors would come up from it and the radioactive material would release into the at informs mere. has that happened? we can't say that definitively, we can tell you that the japanese government now reports that it believes radiation may be leaking now from that reactor number 2 up the coast at fukushima. well, as we wait for more developments on that, the crisis unfolding here in japan, putting new focus on nuclear safety around the world, including in southern california where our correspondent trace gallagher is standing by live at a plant, well, where the neighbors are somewhat concerned now. trace? >> very concerned, shep. you notice you said those beaker shapes in japan. you look behind me, can you see they are domed shape here. the officials believe that the power plant can handle a magnitude 7 earthquake. they built it like that they
7:43 pm
based on fault lines in history that the biggest earthquake to strike this area would be 6.5. if that quake was to cause a tsunami. they believed it would be no bigger than 25 feet, so they built this sea wall at 30 feet. if all of those things are wrong and there was a catastrophic event that breached those nuclear reactors, they still believe there is enough redundancy in the system to keep the power on and to keep the reactors cool. listen. >> there are several different trains or redundant component sets of safety related equipment. diesel generators. electrical switch gears. batteries. pumps, motors, valves. >> that said, they are watching the situation in japan very closely because, remember, four days ago the japanese also thought their nuclear power plants were totally secure. they were not. shep, back to you. >> shepard: trace gallagher reporting live for us this afternoon from southern
7:44 pm
california. trace, thanks very much. so two new reports coming from here. one of higher radiation levels to the south of the nuclear power plant. another of a possible explosion at reactor number 2 at fukushima in the northeast of japan. this is the fox report live from tokyo and beyond continuing coverage right after this. [ mal] unrestrained. unexpected. and unlike any hybrid you have evernown. ♪ introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. ♪ the radically new, 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid fm lexus. ♪ welcome to the darker side green. is a powerful force. set it in motion... and it goes out into the world like fuel for the economy.
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7:48 pm
what's been exposed with the fuel rods. adam, what you can tell us? >> yeah, shepard, we are monitoring the official news service here in japan. they are saying at that explosion site 2.7 meters of one of the rods is now exposed. that's half the length of the rod. that is not good news at all. of course, they have been pumping sea water in to try to keep those sea rods covered. half of one of those rods is now fully exposed is bad news. very, very bad news to put it lightly. in the meantime the mayor of tokyo says they have radiation censors out where they are. these notifications so far there have been no change. 40 miles to the north is where they are having a bit of a change. 1/10th of a normal x-ray according to the latest reports. other news good for people living in the southern parts of this area like where we are located, where you are located, 70, 80, 90 miles to the south and tokyo being about 140 or 50 or so so the south that the wind
7:49 pm
continues to blows out to the ocean. that's where it is taking most if anything is leaking which they are saying it may be it's blowing out over to the ocean that could change and blow to an area that would kind of cut across one of the peninsulas to the north, shepard. so they're really watching the winds. they are watching the weather because that is a huge determination on where if any of this goes. >> shepard: adam housley live up the coast here in japan. continuing coverage in a moment. half of one fuel rod appears now, according to the official news service of japan, appears to now be exposed. what does that mean, big picture? former weapons inspector joins us live on a special edition of the fox report from tokyo. that's coming right up.
7:50 pm
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>> shepard: continuing coverage of the disaster in japan. i'm shepard smith live in tokyo where the official japanese news agency is now reporting an explosion at reactor number two at the fukushima power plant to the north of us by 190 miles. it is further reporting that 2.5 meters of a nuclear fuel rod is now exposed. i want to go to tim trevan joining us live. he is a former u.n. weapons inspector. explain to you if you what this means. >> they are having real problems getting water into the reactor to cool down the rods. and we have had that confirmed by them saying that so much of the fuel rod is now exposed. what they exposure means is that the temperature in the fuel rods is going to rise and that increases the risk first of the fuel rod itself melting which
7:54 pm
complicates the problem of cooling it down even further and secondly it increase the risk maybe more catastrophic failure of the containment so far. >> tim, we have gotten reports now from the news agency and from the japanese government that there appear to be radiation level increases around that facility and concerns of a crack in the outer containment dome. help us understand that. >> well, there would be some rise in the radiation from the steam that's been vented earlier. if they're indicating that it's from the immediate vicinity, what that could be an indication of is that it is now not just irradiated steam that's being released but also particulate matter, solid matter of the radioactive fuel rods itself which would lead to a rise in the radiation recorded. now, what that means is that you be getting elements like iodine released into the environ.
7:55 pm
ment much more a concern than the steam being vented earlier. >> tim trevan on the line with us. i need to take a quick commercial break. gather more facts from the official news agency here. we are also listening to a news conference from the japanese power company. the folkio power company. we will have the latest update ahead of o'reilly right after this. ♪ ♪
7:56 pm
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7:58 pm
plus, get the best deal or we'll pay you $1,000. call lending tree at... today. >> shepard: two minutes to o'reilly now on fox news channel. two minutes before 9:00 a.m. this tuesday in folk co-where there is breaking news. we now know that there has been a third explosion in four days at the tokyo's -- at the japanese nuclear power facility to the north of us. at newcomerstown -- fukushima. it happened at reactor number two. we are told that overnight the nuclear fuel rod, at least one was exposed to two and a half meters so half of the rod exposed because there wasn't
7:59 pm
enough water in there which created more vapor escaping and the belief that the potential for nuclear material to have leaked from that containment dome is high. the tokyo electric power company is evacuated more employees from that facility leaving some 50 employees behind as they work to assess the situation this morning. it is the top of the local news here in tokyo and across japan. that the explosion has now occurred. we know nothing of any injuries from that. we can tell you a wide radius has been evacuated around that facility over the last couple of days. the question is, will this be the beginning of a nuclear meltdown? and the fact of the matter is no one knows. authorities here in japan say they are doing everything humanly possible to prevent that they are urging people to remain calm. they are urging people to conservative electricity as 30% of all electric power across the nation of japan comes from nuclear power. and the vast majority of that in the area where now a third pl
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